Pathology & Treatment centers around the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of different conditions and diseases affecting the mouth, teeth, jaw, and face. While good oral hygiene is important and can help prevent a lot of discomfort and illness, some situations require a different kind of care.

It is common for your dentist to do an oral cancer screening as part of regular, comprehensive evaluations. When there are any abnormal findings, it’s common for a general dentist to refer patients to an oral surgeon for specialized evaluation and treatment.

For many, it’s uncomfortable and scary to deal with a new doctor’s office and all the red tape that can come along with referrals.

Dr. Beck and the Waco Surgical Arts team are equipped to handle a variety of patient needs including pathology and treatment. By providing this specialized care, many patients are able to receive care and treatment at Waco Surgical Arts instead of being referred to another doctor’s office.

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Watch this short educational video to learn more about Pathology & Treatment at Waco Surgical Arts.