Often, a general dentist will find that a patient’s teeth or jaws are causing trouble for the patient’s bite or appearance. The patient might experience symptoms such as pain while chewing, uneven wear on the teeth, jaw discomfort, and abnormal facial appearance.

These symptoms can be the result of abnormal growth of the upper or lower jaws, or both. A patient’s strategy for care can include orthodontic treatment (such as braces), jaw surgery (jaw repositioning surgery), or both.

At Waco Surgical Arts, Dr. Beck and his team offer patients a comprehensive evaluation and counseling to determine whether this treatment is a good fit as part of your oral care strategy.

If you or a loved one are considering jaw surgery as part of your treatment, ask your dentist today for a referral to Waco Surgical Arts.


Stay tuned for a short educational video to learn more about Jaw Surgery at Waco Surgical Arts.